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HIV/AIDS & Mining Toolkit

Southern Africa is particularly affected by HIV/AIDS. The disease already has a major impact in the economies in the region and especially on the mining sector, which is a key business driver.

Based on southern African experience, the Guide for the mining sector is a valuable tool in the fight against AIDS. It provides practical advice and management guidance that will help companies implement intervention strategies.

The Guide will become an integral tool of the “IFC Against AIDS” program, which we launched in 2000 as part of our commitment to sustainable development. The program helps clients understand the multiple impacts of the disease and provides guidance for corporate HIV/AIDS Action Plans. IFC’s anti-AIDS approach pays special attention to a company’s specific needs and resources, as well as existing corporate experiences and good practices.

HIV/AIDS Guide for the Mining Sector:
A Resource for Developing Stakeholder Competency and Compliance in Mining Communities in Southern Africa
(Full Report 4.4 MB pdf--Warning! Large file=slow download)

Section One: HIV/AIDS Guide for the Mining Sector: What, Why and How? (1.1 MB pdf)

Section Two: Management Strategies (1.4 MB pdf)

Section Three: Workplace HIV/AIDS Program (784 KB pdf)

Section Four: External or Outreach Response (699 MB pdf)

Section Five: Measuring and Monitoring an HIV/AIDS Response (255 KB pdf)

Appendixes: (355 KB pdf)
Appendix One: Comparative country data
Appendix Two: Fact sheet on the mining sector in Southern Africa
Appendix Three: IFC corporate roadmap on HIV/AIDS
Appendix Four: Resources, references and contacts
Appendix Five: Glossary

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