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Dynamic Mineral Resources Management

 Dynamic Mineral Resources Management

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A country's mineral resources can generate enormous wealth for its people. Decisions made today will impact a nation for generations to come. Mineral resources, therefore, and their management and resultant impact on nations is one of the most globally recognized issues today.


Resource development decisions made today will impact a society for generations to come. Accordingly, developing nations require sound resource policies to strengthen sector governance and enable economic growth. Establishing these policies requires an understanding of the quantity and quality of the region's mineral endowment, the commercial viability of that endowment, and expectations for future mineral production and its economic benefits.

Holistic land-use planning and regional economic development models require that mineral potential be described in quantitative economic terms. When all alternative land-uses and development plans are described in these same quantitative economic terms, governments can more easily evaluate alternative development of the region.

The World Bank's Oil, Gas, Mining and Chemicals Department maintains a keen focus on the state of mineral resources, providing policy advice worldwide. We work with governments, local communities, and extractive industry companies to holistically manage mineral resources development and ensure sector governance. Together--through such tripartite strategic management--we help developing nations achieve growth and prosperity. When the underlying mineral resource endowment of a nation is understood, estimates of potential contribution across time can better inform development policies and lead to strategic investments.

Dynamic Mineral Resources management describes the conceptual approach to estimating the quality and quantity of a region's underlying mineral resources, the economic potential of these resources in consideration of alternative regional economic development planning, and various infrastructure development scenarios. This approach is comprehensive in nature and considers the full impact of mining and its associated infrastructure on the surrounding natural and socio-economic systems.

A Case Study in Dynamic Mineral Resources Management--Anosy Region, Madagascar

We have seen the power of our integrated, holistic resource management approach...

The Anosy Region of Madagascar contains biodiverse flora and fauna, has a wide range of geographic and climatic environments, and hosts an array of cultures. Unfortunately, despite a good underlying mineral endowment, the region remains one of the poorest places worldwide. At present, only one company is developing a single major mineral deposit after nearly twenty years of planning. Other mineral resources remain largely land-locked. And alternative land-uses are small in scope, and poverty is pervasive across the region.

The Government of Madagascar, with the support of the World Bank and in cooperation with local and international partners, applied the Dynamic Mineral Resource Management approach to discern not only the presence of additional, untapped mineral resources that might support economic development, but also the potential impact of development of those resources on local communities and ecological resources.

The effort in Anosy and the underlying methodology has produced insights into viable mineral resources, such as ilmenite, placer and hard rock gemstone mining, especially for sapphires and tourmaline, along with related regional infrastructure development, such as roads. The approach has also been successfully focused towards similar analysis and development of other natural resources in the areas of hydrology and ecology, and associated economics and land planning.

The CD contains a wealth of further information, desccribing in full detail the Dynamic Mineral Resource Management approach employed in the Madagascar Anosy region.

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