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Mining Publications

Extractive Industries for Development Series
2012Increasing Local Procurement By the Mining Industry in West Africa
2011The Role of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Reducing Energy Poverty by Masami Kojima Extractive Industries for Development Series #25
2011Gender-Sensitive Approaches for the Extractive Industry in Peru by Bernie Ward, John Strongman, Adriana Eftimie and Katherine Heller #24
2011Implementing EITI at the Subnational Level by Javier Aguilar,Georg Caspary and Verena Seiler Extractive Industries for Development Series #23
2011Mineral Resource Tenders and Mining Infrastructure Projects Guiding Principles by Michael Stanley and Ekaterina Mikhaylova Extractive Industries for Development Series #22
2011Sharing Mining Benefits in Developing Countries: The Experience with Foundations, Trusts, and Funds by Elizabeth Wall and Remi Pelon, #21

Overview of State Ownership in the Global Minerals Industry: Long Term Trends and Future by the Raw Materials Group
Appendix 3  : Appendix 4  #20

2010The World Bank’s Evolutionary Approach to Mining Sector Reform by Gary McMahon, #19
2009The Aluminum Industry in West and Central Africa: Lessons Learned and Prospects for the Future by Charles Husband, Gary McMahon, and Peter van der Veen, #13
2009Gender Dimensions of the Extractive Industries: Mining for Equity by Adriana Eftimie, Katherine Heller, and John Strongman #9
2009Mainstreaming Gender into Extractive Industries Projects: Guidance Note for Task Team Leaders by Adriana Eftimie, Katherine Heller, and John Strongman (forthcoming), #8
2009Financial Surety: Guidance Notes for the Implementation of Financial Surety for Mine Closure by Meredith Sasson, #7
2009Emerging Players in Global Mining by Dr. David Humphreys, #5
2009Mining Cadastres: Promoting Transparent Access to Mineral Resources by Enrique Ortega,Alexandra Pugachevsky, and Gotthard Walser, #3

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Mining Foundations, Trusts and Funds: A Sourcebook, Version 1 -- Executive Summary (1.2 MB pdf icon), Part I: Main Findings Examining Foundations,Trusts and Funds (FTFs) in the Mining Sector (1.8 MB pdf icon), Part II: Case Studies from Peru, Southern Africa and Papua New Guinea (4.5 MB pdf icon), Full Report (5.2 MB pdf icon).

2010Towards Sustainable Decommissioning and Closure of Oil Fields and Mines: A Toolkit to Assist Government Agencies 
2008 Planning for Integrated Mine Closure: Toolkit


Democratic Republic of Congo: Growth with Governance in Mining; Report No. 43402-ZR; Craig Andrews and Boubacar Bocoum (English, French)


Dynamic Mineral Resources Management in Action in Anosy, Madagascar. View the presentation, maps, charts and other information on the CD. Click here to get the CD.


Mining Royalties: A Global Study of their Impact on Investors, Government, and Civil Society, June 2006, by James Otto, Craig B. Andrews, Fred Cawood Michael Doggett, Pietro Guj, Frank Stermole, John Stermole, John Tilton (a paid publication through the World Bank Office of the Publisher). The electronic version is available here. Please note the World Bank's Website Usage Agreementfor this document.


Community Development Toolkit, ESMAP Formal Report Series, Report No. 310/05, October 2005.
The toolkit supports government, industry, and community efforts to realize more sustainable community development around mining and mineral processing operations. Click here for hard copies.


Mining Industry as a Source of Economic Growth in Kyrgyzstan by Valentine Bogdetsky, Karybek Ibraev, and Jyldyz Abdyrakhmanova (English, Russian)

HIV/AIDS Guide for the Mining Sector: A Resource for Developing Stakeholder Competency and Compliance in Mining Communities in Southern Africa (HIV/AIDS & Mining Toolkit) (4.4 KB pdf)

2003Mining Reform and the World Bank: Providing a Policy Framework for Development, Mining and Development Series.
2003Local Economic Development & Mining Reference (The online reference is not completely functional. Click here to request the complete CD. Please include your mailing address with your request.
2002An Asset for Competitiveness: Sound Environmental Management in Mining Countries
2002It's Not Over When It's Over: Mine Closure Around the World
2002Large Mines and Local Communities:Forging Partnerships, Building Sustainability. The second issue of the "Mining and Development" Series
2002Treasure or Trouble? Mining in Developing Countries, The first issue in a series "Mining and Development" published by the Mining Department.
2002Mining and Community II Conference: Sustainable Mining Development – From Concept to Action- Madang, Papua New Guinea. September 15–19, 2002. John Strongman, Mining Adviser, World Bank
2001Large Mines and the Community - Socioeconomic and Environmental Effects in Latin America, Canada and Spain. Gary McMahon and Felix Remy.
2001Review of Legal and Fiscal Frameworks for Exploration and Mining. Koh Naito, Felix Remy, John P. Williams. A detailed analysis of 25 mineral-rich developing countries that have updated their mining laws.
2001Mining Sector Reform and Investment: Results of a Global Survey.Koh Naito, Felix Remy, John P. Williams. Survey of 44 countries that compares the progress in implementing legal, fiscal, and institutional reform of their mining sectors.
2001Women in the Mining Sector, Published by the Knowledge and Learning Center on behalf of the Africa Region.
2000African Mining 2000 - Investment and Business Opportunities Symposium - 12/2000. Annual reviews of the mining sector for 44 African countries. These analyses have been prepared by the Mining Journal Ltdand were presented at the MIGA-organized African Mining Symposium 2000, held in Burkina Faso in December 2000.
2000Mining and the Environment in Indonesia: Long-Term Trends and Repercussions of the Asian Economic Crisis. Gary McMahon, Elly Rasdiani Subdibjo, Jean Aden, Aziz Bouzaher, Giovanna Dore, Ramanie Kunanayagam. Discussion Paper. Environment and Social Development Unit (EASES) / East Asia and Pacific Region of the World Bank
1999An Environmental Study of Artisanal, Small, and Medium Mining in Bolivia, Chile, and Peru; Gary McMahon, Josè Luis Evia, Alberto Pascò-Font, and Josè Miguel Sànchez; World Bank Technical Paper No. 429.
1998Mining and the Community for Asian and Pacific Nations; Mining and Industry Unit, World Bank
1998La Minerìa y la Comunidad; Gary McMahon (ed); Spanish version of "Mining and the Community: Results of the Quito Conference". (Available on request).
1998"Mining and the Community: Results of the Quito Conference," Gary McMahon (ed.); World Bank, EMT Occasional Paper No. 11.
1998World Bank Group Assistance for Minerals Sector Development and Reform in Member Countries;1998; William T. Onorato, Peter Fox, and John E. Strongman; World Bank Technical Paper No. 405.
1996Regularizing Informal MiningA Summary of the Proceedings of the International Roundtable on Artisanal Mining; Print version of full proceedings available upon request.
1996Latin America and the Caribbean: A Mining Strategy; Industry and Mining Division; World Bank Technical Paper No. 345
1996The Clean Coal Initiative: Summary of the Proceedings of a Roundtable Held at the World Bank, June 24-25, 1996
1995Development, Environment and Mining: Enhancing the Contribution of the Mineral Industry to Sustainable Development (Post Conference Summary) International Conference on Development, Environment and Mining Washington, DC, June 13, 1994)
1995Characteristics of Successful Mining Legal and Investment Regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean RegionIENIM Staff Working Paper.
1994Kyrgyz Republic - Mining Sector Review
1994Russian Federation - Restructuring the Coal Industry: Putting People First
1994Informal Gold Mining and Mercury Pollution in Brazil
1994Strategies to Attract New Investment for African Region, John Strongman
1992Mineral Sector Technologies; Policy Implications for Developing Countries, Craig Andrews
1992Strategy for African Mining: World Bank technical paper number 181

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