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What is the EI TAF?

The Extractive Industries Technical Advisory Facility (EI-TAF) is a multi-donor trust fund managed by the Oil, Gas and Mining Policy and Operations Division of the World Bank. The EI-TAF facilitates advisory services to resource-rich, developing country governments for capacity building related to extractive industry contract negotiations and associated policy reforms/frameworks. The objective of the EI-TAF is to assist resource-rich, developing countries -- on a demand-driven basis – to structure correctly extractive industry development projects and related policies, thereby reducing the risk of costly or politically difficult remediation at later stages. The expected outcome is to level the playing field between resource-rich, developing countries and resource companies and ensure that the countries - and ultimately their citizens - benefit from the exploitation of their extractive resources.

EI Value Chain


The EI-TAF addresses resource-rich, developing country demand in a strategic manner, as part of the World Bank’s work on the extractive industries value chain (“EITI++”) and in collaboration with other development partners and agencies.

The rationale for establishing the EI-TAF includes:

  • The significance of oil, gas, and mining resources in many developing countries (i.e., high share of extractive industry revenues in GDP and/or exports);
  • The often glaring capacity gap between extractive industry firms and resource-rich, developing country governments;
  • The frequent need of resource-rich, developing country governments for rapid-response advisory assistance, particularly when negotiations on a specific extractive industry development are on the horizon; and
  • The current limited availability of instruments through which resource-rich, developing country governments can seek real-time, objective advice in the extractives sector.

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