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Implementing the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative: Applying Early Lessons from the Field



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This publication builds on the lessons learned by the countries that have led the way in implementing the EITI. A CD-ROM, which contains sample documents produced during the EITI process, supplements the presentation in the book. The book will help those new to the initiative navigate their way through the various steps in implementing an EITI program and will be of interest to readers working in the areas of transparency; governance and anticorruption; mining, oil, gas, and chemicals; and overall corporate governance.

The World Bank originated and compiled this publication with the inputs of the World Bank team as well as EITI practitioners in a number of countries through its role as the administrator of the EITI Multi-Donor Trust Fund. As of December 2008, the supporting countries that have contributed to the MDTF were as follows: Australia, Belgium, Canada, European Union, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom--the founding contributor. Funding from the MDTF in producing this report is gratefully acknowledged.

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CD Contents
Please note that the EITI is an iterative process. Some of these examples occurred early on in the country's experience and were improved later. For more current information, please be sure to check out the country's EITI Web site linked below.
Implementing the EITI--CD label
Annex A:Excerpts from Terms of Reference for an EITI Scoping Study –Zambia
Annex B:Memorandum of Understanding on EITI Implementation – Azerbaijan
Annex C:EITI Organization – Guinea
Annex D:Decree for Stakeholder Working Group – Peru
Annex E:Excerpts from Inception Report – Ghana
Annex F:EITI Work Plan – Timor Leste 
Annex G:Terms of Reference of the EITI Council – Mongolia
Annex H:NEITI Act (REPRODUCTION) – Nigeria
Annex I:Sample Terms of Reference for an EITI Adminstrator – Cameroon
Annex J:Sample EITI Reporting Templates – Ghana (Mining) and Kazakhstan (Petroleum)
Annex K:EITI Source book 
Annex L:EITI Rules including the Validation Guide 
Annex M:Samples of Published EITI Reports as of February 8, 2011

a. Azerbaijan
b. Cameroon
c. Gabon
d. Ghana 
e. Liberia

f.  Mongolia
g. Nigeria 
h. Norway
i.  Mauritania
j. Timor Leste 

Please see the EITI Country Web sites for additional information.

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