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PDF button Associated Gas Monetization via miniGTL, Conversion of flared gas into liquid fuels & chemicals - January 2014 Update, Global Gas Flaring Partnership (GGFR), January 2014

PDF button Associated Gas Utilization via miniGTL, Global Gas Flaring Partnership (GGFR), February 2012

PDF button Monitoring & Reporting Guidelines for Flare Reduction CDM Projects,Oil & Gas CDM Methodology Working Group, Report #2, September 2010

PDF button Oil & Gas CDM/JI Glossary of Terms, Oil & Gas CDM Methodology Working Group, Report #1, September 2010

PDF button Update to Indonesia Associated Gas Survey and Upstream Natural Gas Data Management System Design: Executive Summary, LKMR, September 2010

PDF button Guidelines on Flare and Vent Measurement, World Bank GGFR, September 2008

PDF button Canada's Plan for Reducing Gas Flaring, CIDA and World Bank GGFR, June 2008

PDF button Using Russia's Associated Gas, prepared for GGFR by PFC Energy, December 2007; Summary, Fact Sheet; Full Report; Appendixes; Press Release

PDF button Nigeria: Carbon Credit Development for Flare Reduction Projects, ICF Consulting, November 2006 (pdf 471 KB)

PDF button ICF Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project Analysis Tool, November 2006 (Excel button 431 KB)

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Key Background Reports

PDF button Gas Flaring Reduction Projects: Framework for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Baseline Methodologies, Report No. 6 (Revised), April 2005

PDF button Flared Gas Utilization Strategy: Opportunities for Small-Scale Uses of Gas, Report No. 5, May 2004

A Voluntary Standard for Global Gas Flaring and Venting Reduction (English, French, Russian, Spanish), Report No. 4 (PDF button pdf 344 kb), May 2004

Regulation of Associated Gas Flaring and Venting: A Global Overview and Lessons from International Experience, Report No. 3, April 2004

PDF button Kyoto Mechanisms for Flaring Reduction, Report No. 2, January 2003

PDF button Report on Consultations with Stakeholders, Report No. 1, October 2002

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