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About GGFR

ggfr logoLaunched at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in August 2002, the Global Gas Flaring Reduction public-private partnership (GGFR) brings around the table representatives of governments of oil-producing countries, state-owned companies and major international oil companies so that together they can overcome the barriers to reducing gas flaring by sharing global best practices and implementing country specific programs.

The GGFR partnership, a World Bank-led initiative, facilitates and supports national efforts to use currently flared gas by promoting effective regulatory frameworks and tackling the constraints on gas utilization, such as insufficient infrastructure and poor access to local and international energy markets, particularly in developing countries.

Poverty reduction is also an integral part of the GGFR program, which is developing concepts for how local communities close to the flaring sites can use natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that may otherwise be flared and wasted. The program has already evaluated opportunities for small-scale gas utilization in several countries.


Last updated: 2012-09-11

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