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2005-2010Top 20 Flaring Countries
January 2012Gas Flaring Data for Other Countries (joint NOAA-GGFR project)

Country Gas Flaring Regulatory Profiles

August 2011Gas Flaring Issue Brief 
 BBC/Earth Report Documentary: Billion Dollar Bonfire 

Magazine/Journal Articles on Gas Flaring

June 2012Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partners Make Progress, Making It magazine, UNIDO
June 2012Global Gas Flaring Falls, but There Is Plenty More to Do, Petroleum Economist
April 2012GGFR Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Progress on Gas Flaring, International Gas
October 2011Reducing Gas Flaring Under the Clean Development Mechanism, International Gas
July 2011My encounter with gas flares in Iraq, Robert Lesnick, World Bank Blog
April 2010Angola LNG, Not Just Another Gas Project, International Gas
April 2009Unlocking the Value of Flared Natural Gas, International Gas


October 24, 2012Keynote Speech at Sustainable Development Global Forum on Scaling up Flaring Reduction & Gas Utilization for Development London, October 24, 2012, Rachel Kyte, Vice President, Sustainable Development, The World Bank
May 10, 2010Opening remarks at First Regional Forum on Flaring Reduction and Gas Utilization in the Middle East and North Africa, Paulo de Sa
December 4, 2008GGFR Unlocking the Value of Wasted Natural Gas--OGMC Director's Speech at Gas Flaring Forum
December 13, 2006Global Gas Flaring Reduction: a Time for Action!” by Rashad Kaldany 

Featured Stories

June 18, 2013Fighting Gas Flares in Uzbekistan
June 27, 2012Republic of Congo Joins Global Efforts to Reduce Gas Flaring 
June 27, 2011Russia, Kazakhstan Lead Way to Reduce Gas Flaring and Lower Emissions 
August 18, 2010World Bank, Partners Kick off New Phase, Renew Commitment to Gas Flaring Reduction 
December 14, 2009World Bank, GGFR Partners Unlock Value of Wasted Gas
May 6, 2008The Elusive Goal to Stop Flares
August 29, 2007Bank-Led Satellite Imagery Sheds More Light on Gas Flaring Pollution 
December 13, 2006Bringing Down the Barriers to Reduce Gas Flaring 
October 26, 2006Toward a World Free of Flares
June 20, 2006

Reducing the Gas Burning 

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