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Regulatory Best Practices

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International experience shows that effective enforcement of regulations and the provision of the right incentives are crucial to reducing flaring. A GGFR study Regulation of Associated Gas Flaring and Venting: A Global Overview and Lessons from International Experience, Report No. 3, on the role of regulation in gas flaring and venting in 44 oil-producing countries found, however, that most developing countries lack efficient, effective regulations on flaring and venting.

In many of these countries institutions have inadequate capabilities and overlapping responsibilities. The GGFR Partnership’s work on regulations also has focused on enabling the use of associated gas by helping governments create the right incentives such as proper regulatory structures governing pricing, distribution, shared transport, export facilities, etc.

Other important regulatory procedures also include those for approving flaring and venting permits, monitoring flaring and venting volumes, and enforcing operational standards.

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