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July 23, 2008 Increasing Associated Gas Utilization in Russia Requires Comprehensive Measures, GGFR Study Shows
June 12, 2008 Gabon, Iraq and EU Join GGFR Efforts to Reduce Emissions from Gas Flaring 
December 12, 2007 ConocoPhillips Joins World Bank's Efforts in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
August 30, 2007 First Satellite Observations Of Gas Flaring Show Countries, Companies Need To Step Up Efforts
February 1, 2007 France Joins World Bank’s Gas Flaring Reduction Efforts To Help Mitigate Climate Change 
December 13, 2006 World Bank: Oil Producing Countries, Companies Can Help Mitigate Impact of Climate Change by Reducing Gas Flaring 
November 10, 2006 World Bank: Oil Producing Countries, Companies Need to Step up Efforts in Reducing Gas Flaring 
April 23, 2006 World Bank Says 150 bcm of Gas Flared Yearly 

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