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Qatar/GGFR Flare Reduction Workshop

Sponsor: Sustainable Development Network

On December 13-14, 2010, the Director General, the Health, Safety, and Environment Director of Qatar Petroleum and Qatar's petroleum regulator organized a two-day workshop on Gas Flaring Reduction as part of the work program between Qatar Petroleum and the GGFR. The event was co-chaired by GGFR and gathered some 50 to 70 participants from QP operators of the upstream and downstream facilities, and high level representatives of the Ministry of Environment.

Workshop objectives:

  1. Assess status of implementation of Gas Flare Reduction program in Qatar
  2. Start improving alignment of roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in emission reduction projects within the sector and Technical Work Groups
  3. Discuss and formulate next tasks and actions to progress the flare reduction imitative within the energy and industry sectors.

Presentations are linked to the presenter's names below. Click here to download free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.

Monday-Tuesday, December 13-14,  2010
Doha, Qatar


Day 1--Monday, December 13

Opening Speech

Director General, Qatar Petroleum (QP) (.2 MB PDF Image)

Status Report of the Gas Flaring Reduction Initiative in Qatar
--Program, milestones, and timeline

Cordilia Elogie, QP (1 MB PDF Image)

Current Status, Plans, Barriers, and progress in Implementing the Gas Mitigation Plan within the Four Technical Working Groups (Industrial Zones)

  1. Report from Dukhan
  2. Report from Offshore
  3. Report from Mesaieed
  4. Report from Ras Laffan
  1. Mirza Shoaib Beg, QP
  2. Mike Starrett, Occidental Petroleum of Qatar (.4 MB PDF Image)
  3. Mesaieed
  4. Ras Laffan

Roles and Coordination of Regulatory Authorities

  • Role of and Reporting Requirements to the Ministry of Environment, DG, DV, SQ
  • Group Discusssion: Improving coordination and value from reported information (Facilitated by GGFR Representative)
Developing a Flare Mitigation Plan / Associated Gas Recovery PlanHeike Lingertat, GGFR (.5 MB PDF Image) 
Coordination & Networking (Smaller Group Discussions
  • Challenges and successes in implementing a Flare Mitigation Plan for operators producing oil
  • Challenges and successes in implementing a Flare Mitigation Plan for operators producing gas
  • Necessary steps and solutions to resolve barriers through policy and regulator framework
  • Necessary steps and solutions to resolve technological barriers
Facilitated by DG team and GGFR representatives
Group presentations, Questions & Answers
Immediate Next Steps, Summary & Closing Remarks--Results from Small Group Discussions with Technical Working Group MeetingsFabrice Mosneron-Dupin, GGFR

Day 2--Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Flare Reduction Project Cases: Challenges and Successes

  • Ras Laffan & Durkhan Project cases
  • Implementation of Qatargas Flare Management Plan (FMP) to minimize flaring
  • Al-Shaheen Oil Field and Gas Recover and Utilization Project
Khalid Bashir and Andrew Jameison, Qatargas
For Information: Francisco J. Sucre

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