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Data on Poverty and Inequality

What are good indicators of poverty? 

The share of people below the poverty line, an indicator based on consumption (or income) levels, is often used (see Measuring Poverty), but other indicators are needed to capture other dimensions of poverty. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) specify a number of relevant indicators; see About the Goals.

What are current trends in poverty indicators? 

Where can I find more detailed information on key poverty indicators?

Where can I find country studies on poverty? 

  • The World Bank's Poverty Analysis site contains a collection of Poverty Assessments and other related country documents, including poverty assessments, country economic memorandums, poverty updates, social development reports, poverty notes, and living standards studies. The poverty analyses are organized by region.
  • The India poverty project assembled detailed nationwide and state-level statistics from 1950 to 1994 on expenditures, National Accounts, prices, wages, population, and others. The complete data are now available online.
  • The UNDP Millennium Development Goals website includes country reports on MDG indicators.

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Most of the poverty and inequality data on this page come from household surveys.

  • See Types of Data for a brief description of different types of data sources.
  • See Accessing Surveys for information on how to access household level data for different countries.
  • See Tools for a series of instruments to help calculate poverty and inequality indices on the basis of household survey data.

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