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Voices of the Poor: Reports

Voices of the Poor consists of three books which bring together the experiences of over 60,000 poor women and men. The first book, Can Anyone Hear Us?, gathers the voices of over 40,000 poor women and men in 50 countries from the World Bank's participatory poverty assessments; the second book, Crying Out for Change, draws material from a new 23 country comparative study. The final book, From Many Lands, offers regional patterns and country case studies.

To learn about the Voices of the Poor research process, see study purpose and design, and to hear what people are saying about this new study, read reviews by leading economists and thinkers.

Global Studies

Can Anyone Hear Us?
Crying Out for Change
From Many Lands

Background Reports


Global Reviews

National Reports

World Bank. 1999. Consultations with the Poor National Synthesis Reports, Informal publications series prepared for Global Synthesis Workshop: Consultations with the Poor, Poverty Group, PREM, Washington, DC.

Argentina, in English   (241kb PDF)
Argentina, in Spanish (341kb PDF)
Bangladesh (307kb PDF)
Bolivia, in Spanish (1,616kb PDF)
Bosnia-Herzegovina (130kb PDF)
Brazil (507kb PDF)
Brazil, in Portuguese (514kb PDF)
Bulgaria (421kb PDF)
Ecuador, in English (363kb PDF)
Ecuador, in Spanish (323kb PDF)
Ethiopia (419kb PDF)
Ghana (418kb PDF)
India (240kb PDF)
Indonesia, Chapters 1-3 (1,264kb PDF)
Indonesia, Chapter 4 (985kb PDF)
Indonesia, Chapters 5-7 (1,007kb PDF)
Jamaica (829kb PDF)
Kyrgyz Republic (1,443kb PDF)
Malawi (360kb PDF)
Nigeria (198kb PDF)
Russia (137kb PDF)
Somaliland (283kb PDF)
Thailand (333kb PDF)
Uzbekistan (359kb PDF)
Vietnam (558kb PDF)
Zambia (172kb PDF)

Other Reports

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