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Crying Out for Change

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Narayan, Deepa,  Robert Chambers, Meera Kaul Shah, and Patti Petesch.  2000.  Voices of the Poor: Crying Out for Change. New York, N.Y: Published for the World Bank, Oxford University Press.

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Read the Complete report (1.7mb PDF) or download by chapter:
Table of Contents and Foreword (51kb PDF) 
Chapter 1: Perspectives of the Poor (83kb PDF)
Chapter 2: Wellbeing and Illbeing: The Good and the Bad Life (96kb PDF)
Chapter 3: The Struggle for Livelihoods (236kb PDF)
Chapter 4: Places of the Poor (80kb PDF)
Chapter 5: The Body (105kb PDF)
Chapter 6: Gender Relations in Troubled Transition (185kb PDF)
Chapter 7: Social Illbeing: Left Out, Pushed Down (78kb PDF)
Chapter 8: Anxiety, Fear and Insecurity (110kb PDF)
Chapter 9: The Character of Institutions (73kb PDF)
Chapter 10: Governance: Poor People (322kb PDF)
Chapter 11: Powerless, Trapped in a Many-Stranded Web (318kb PDF)
Chapter 12: A Call to Action: The Challenge to Change (110kb PDF)
Appendices (85kb PDF)

Read Crying Out for Change in Telugu (3mb PDF)

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