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From Many Lands

Narayan, Deepa and Patti Petesch.  2002.  Voices of the Poor: From Many Lands. New York, N.Y: Published for the World Bank, Oxford University Press.

See ordering information to purchase Voices of the Poor: From Many Lands from the World Bank. 

Read the Complete report (25mb PDF) or download by chapter:
Table of Contents and Foreword (424kb PDF)
Chapter 1: Introduction (767kb PDF)
Chapter 2: Ghana: "Empty Pockets" (1.6mb PDF)
Chapter 3: Malawi: Tangled Web (1.6mb PDF)
Chapter 4: Nigeria: Illbeing and Insecurity (1.4mb PDF)
Chapter 5: Bangladesh: Waves of Disaster (1.6mb PDF)
Chapter 6: India: Gains and Stagnation in Bihar and Andhra Pradesh (1.6mb PDF)
Chapter 7: Indonesia: Coping with Vulnerability and Crisis (1.6mb PDF)
Chapter 8: Bosnia and Herzegovina: War-Torn Lives (1.1mb PDF)
Chapter 9: Bulgaria: Reeling from Change (1.8mb PDF)
Chapter 10: Kyrgyz Republic: Crumbling Support, Deepening Poverty (1.3mb PDF)
Chapter 11: The Russian Federation: Struggling against the Tide (1.5mb PDF)
Chapter 12: Argentina: Life Used to Be Better (1.4mb PDF)
Chapter 13: Brazil: Gains and Losses in the Favelas (1.5mb PDF)
Chapter 14: Ecuador: The Perils of Poverty (1.7mb PDF)
Chapter 15: Jamaica: Island in a Turbulent World (1.6mb PDF)
Chapter 16: Conclusion: An Empowering Approach to Poverty Reduction (1.6mb PDF)
Appendices (444kb PDF)

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