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A Simple Tool for Assessing the Poverty Impact of Higher Food Prices: An Application to the Recent Russian Food Price Spike

Thursday, October 21, 2010
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM


  • Ken Simler, Senior Economist, ECSP3
  • Hassan Zaman, Lead Economist, Poverty Reduction and Equity

Chair: Jaime Saavedra, Acting Director, Poverty Reduction and Equity

The evidence from the sharp increases in food prices in 2008  shows that the majority of poor people are net consumers of food even in rural areas. Hence food price spikes tend to have an adverse impact on poverty, malnutrition and other welfare indicators. More recently key staple food prices rose sharply in Russia due to adverse weather conditions — for instance the price of buckwheat rose by 33% just in the month of August. The seminar summarizes food price trends in global, and selected local markets, summarizes a range of methods to assess the distributional impact of price changes and introduces a new analytical tool to assess the poverty impact of changing food prices applying it to the recent Russian price increase.


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