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Equity Workshop—June 10, 2011

Begins:   Jun 10, 2011 09:00
Ends:   Jun 10, 2011 18:00

header June 10 workshop

The equity implications of public policies are increasingly important. This workshop brought together practitioners, researchers and Bank staff to identify new directions of work and share knowledge. Equity was explored through the lens of different topics focusing on the recurring question of How can policy, programs and institutions contribute to enhance equity.

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Welcome and opening remarks
Mahmoud Mohieldin; Managing Director, The World Bank 

Tax Policy and Equity
Chair: Otaviano Canuto, Vice President PREM, World Bank
indentOrazio Attanasio; Institute of Fiscal Studies and University College London
indentDiscussant: Michael Keen, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

Land and Equity
Chair: Rogier van den Brink, Lead Economist, East Asia, World Bank
indentPranab Bardhan; University of California at Berkeley

Education and Equity
Chair: Peter Lanjouw, Research Manager, World Bank
indentMichael Kremer; Harvard University

Health, Education and Equity
Chair: Keith Hansen, Director Human Development Latin America and the Caribbean, World Bank
indentJere Behrman; University of Pennsylvania
Discussant: Laura Rawlings, Lead Social Protection Specialist, World Bank

The Political Economy of Equity
Chair: Louise Cord, Sector Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean
indentStuti Khemani; Senior Economist, Research Department, World Bank
indentPhilip Keefer; Lead Economist, Research Department, World Bank

Panel: Equity in the Development Agenda
Chair: Jaime Saavedra, Acting Director Poverty Reduction and Equity, World Bank
Orazio Attanasio, Institute of Fiscal Studies and University College London
Francisco Ferreira, Deputy Chief Economist, LAC, World Bank
indentMitchell Seligson, Vanderbilt University, Director Latin American Public Opinion Project LAPOP
David Coady, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF


Mahmoud Mohieldin
Managing Director

Otaviano Canuto
Vice President PREM

Rogier van den Brink
Lead Economist, East Asia

Louise Cord
Sector Manager, LAC

Francisco Ferreira
Deputy Chief Economist, LAC

Keith Hansen
Director Human Development, LAC

Ann Harrison
Director of Development Economics Group

Philip Keefer
Lead Economist, Research Department

Stuti Khemani
Senior Economist, Research Department

Laura Rawlings
Lead Social Protection Specialist, HD

Ritva Reinikka
Director Human Development, AFR

Jaime Saavedra
Acting Director Poverty Reduction and Equity, PREM

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Orazio Attanasio
University College London

Pranab Bardhan
University of California at Berkeley
Jere Behrman
University of Pennsylvania
David Coady
International Monetary Fund
Michael Keen
International Monetary Fund
Michael Kremer
Harvard University
Mitchell Seligson
Vanderbilt University

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