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Economic Recovery and Growth in Romania

International conference organized by the World Bank, in cooperation with the European Commission and the Romanian Center for Economic Policies (CEROPE)
Location:   National Institute of Statistics, 16, Libertatii Blvd., Amfiteatru Hall
Begins:   Oct 26, 2011 09:30
Ends:   Oct 27, 2011 16:30
Contact Person:   Daniel Mihai Kozak


How: The event is open to the press, private sector, representatives of embassies and international organizations, NGOs, and academia. Confirmation appreciated at (Seating limited to 250)

Speaking languages at the event are English and Romanian. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Context: The conference will be attended by representatives of the Romanian Government, the National Bank of Romania, and IMF. The conference provides a platform to discuss the priorities of the Romanian economy in the short and medium term to consolidate macroeconomic stabilization and accelerate sustainable convergence with the EU. The event aims to expand the public debate on understanding the challenges for economic recovery and growth by also bringing into the picture lessons from the experience of other EU countries.

Available documents: Agenda [PDF]

Updates: agenda, available speeches and presentations

Romania: from Macrostabilization to Sustained Economic Growth – Key Issues in a Volatile Global Context

Mr. Peter Harrold – Country Director, WB

speech [PDF]


Mr. Niculae Idu – Head of EC Representation in Romania

speech [PDF]


Mr. Daniel Dăianu, former Minister of Finance, former Europarliamentarian

presentation [PDF]

Prospects and Challenges for Recovery and Growth – A Macroeconomic Perspective

Mr. Michael Landesmann, President, WIIW: Crisis in the Eurozone: prospects, implications and possible solutions


Mr. Jeffrey Franks, Mission Chief – Romania, IMF: Short and long term macroeconomic challenges for Romania


Ms. Andreea Vass, Economic Adviser of the PM: Government’s reform agenda for macroeconomic consolidation and growth

presentation [PDF]


Mr. Marek Dabrowski, co-founder and  former President of the CASE, Warsaw: Crisis in the Eurozone: prospects, implications and possible solutions

presentation [PDF]


Keynote Speaker

Mr. William Dorotinsky, Sector Manager, WB: Institutional reforms for growth – lessons from the  international experience


presentation [PDF]

Public sector efficiency and growth

Mr. Sudharshan Canagarajah, Lead Economist, World Bank: Key pillars of fiscal policy for growth in Romania – an assessment

presentation [PDF]


Mr. Jan Marusinec, former Head of Budget, Slovak MoF: Restructuring public finances – the Slovak experience

presentation [PDF]


Ms. Anca Paliu, Economist, IMF, Mr. Ionut Dumitru, Head of the Fiscal Council: SOE performance in Romania – an assessment


Ms. Ella Kallai, Chief Economist, Alpha Bank Romania,  Mr. Laurian Lungu, Managing Partner, Macroanalitica: Tax Policy and Revenue Collection in Romania

presentation [PDF]

Private Sector Competitiveness as a key to EU convergence:challenges and the way ahead

Mr. Donato De Rosa, Senior Economist, Private/Financial Sector Development Unit, WB

presentation [PDF]


Ms. Anca Harasim,  Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Romania


Mr. Peter Kirkegaard, Special Advisor and Project Manager for Danish SCM measurements: Cutting red tape as a strategy to growth

presentation [PDF]


Mr. Sorin Mândruțescu, General Director, Oracle Romania

presentation [PDF]

Accessing EU funds for infrastructure – where do we go from here?

Mr. Benoit Nadler, European Commission, DG Regio, Romania team: A perspective from the EU on the funds absorption

presentation [PDF]


Mr. Alexis Gressier – Romanian Center for Economic Policies: an assessment to EU Funds absorption challenges

presentation [PDF]


Mr. Dragoș Pîslaru, consultant: A practitioner’s perspective on EU funds absorption

presentation [PDF]


Mr. Pascal Boijmans, European Commission, DG Regio, Poland team:  Lessons from the international experience with EU funds absorption

presentation [PDF]


Wrap-up and conclusions

Mr. Eugen Scânteie, WB consultant



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