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Measuring Poverty Over Time

Special Issue of the Journal of Economic Equality
Begins:   Jun 14, 2012 14:00
Ends:   Jun 14, 2012 16:30

“Measuring Poverty Over Time”
Special Issue of the Journal of Economic Inequality
World Bank series on innovations in poverty measurement and analysis

People often move in and out of poverty and the length of time spent in poverty can vary widely, affecting their prospects of escaping and staying out of poverty. Current poverty measures do not account for these aspects. Should they? Are there sound theoretical foundations for shifting towards more complex lifetime measures of poverty that are backed by empirical evidence? Furthermore, if data limitations prevent us to implement this new approach for the time being, are there imputation methods that can accurately fill the data gaps in the meantime?

These are the topics addressed in the latest Special Issue of the Journal of Economic Inequality, the leading journal on poverty and inequality measurement. As part of the launch of the special issue, the World Bank invited Luc Christiaensen, guest co-editor with Anthony Shorrocks, and other prominent poverty experts to discuss the need for, and the challenges associated with, taking a more intertemporal perspective in our current poverty diagnostics.

Journal of Economic Inequality Volume 10, Number 2 (2012)

[ SESSION RECORDING ] Available here


Welcome and Introduction to the JOEI Special Issue
• Tony Addison (Chief Economist and Deputy Director, UNU-WIDER)
• Branko Milanovic (Member of JOEI Editorial Board)

New Findings in the JOEI Special Issue
• Luc Christiaensen (Guest Co-Editor of the JOEI Special Issue) | View Presentation
• John Hoddinott (Deputy Director, PHND, IFPRI) | View Presentation

Implications of the Findings: Policy and Research Perspectives
• Jaime Saavedra (Director, PRMPR, World Bank) | View Presentation
• Peter Lanjouw (Research Manager, DECPI, World Bank) | View Presentation

Discussion with Speakers
• Branko Milanovic, Chair
Panelists: Jaime Saavedra, Peter Lanjouw, Tony Addison,
John Hoddinott, and Luc Christiaensen

Closing Remarks
• Tony Addison

The event was organized by the World Bank’s Poverty and Inequality Measurement and Analysis Practice Group (PIMA-PG) and co-sponsored by UNU-WIDER and the Journal of Economic Inequality.

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