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2012 World Bank Conference on Equity

Begins:   Jun 27, 2012 09:00
Ends:   Jun 28, 2012 16:45

Poverty Reduction and Equity

Inequality of What?
Outcomes, Opportunities and Fairness

June 27-28, 2012
JB1- 080
701 18th Street, NW, Washington D.C., 20433

Inequality and equity are back in the spotlight.

The debate over growing socioeconomic disparities and their implications for political stability and sustainable growth has spread beyond academic seminars to the streets and blogosphere, and captured the imagination of popular media.

From Arab youth clamoring for better job opportunities and Chilean students protesting for university education accessible to all, to Occupy Wall Street, popular demonstrations of frustration with the status quo demand that governments and international organizations pay more attention to equity, social exclusion, and democracy.

The Second World Bank Conference on Equity aims to promote cutting-edge policy analysis among researchers, policymakers, and development practitioners. It will take place on June 27 and 28, 2012, at the World Bank's headquarters in Washington, D.C. The overarching theme of the conference is “Inequality of What? Outcomes, Opportunities and Fairness.”

The conference will feature invited as well as submitted papers. Keynote speakers include James Foster, professor of Economics and International Affairs at George Washington University; and John Roemer, professor of economis and political science at Yale University.

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