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Inequality in Focus

Economic Premise logoThe overall objective of this series is to inform the public policy debate on equity, inequality of opportunity, and socioeconomic mobility. Inequality in Focus will feature articles written by World Bank staff, as well as researchers and policy makers from the broad development community.


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LATEST ISSUE: Volume 1, Number 3

Community-Driven Development, Participation, and Inequality: What Does the Evidence Say? imageBy Ghazala Mansuri and Vijayendra Rao

The purpose of participatory programs is to enhance the involvement of the poor and the marginalized in community-level decision-making bodies in order to give citizens greater say in decisions that affect their lives. In practice, little is known about how effective participatory development approaches are in promoting equity.
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Enhancing the Redistributive Role of Fiscal Policy in Developing EconomiesBy Francesca Bastagli, David Coady, and Sanjeev Gupta

While income inequality has increased in many countries worldwide over recent decades, advanced countries clearly have been able to tackle high inequality better than developing countries. A key factor in explaining this difference is the greater redistributive impact of fiscal policy in advanced countries.
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