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Dec 18, 2014Picking up the Winning Lottery Ticket: How to Use Migration for Poverty Alleviation
Location: J1-050
Contact: Muhamad Al Arif


Sep 15, 2014Economic Mobility and Shared Prosperity: Insights from Middle-Income Countries
Location: MC13-121
Contact: Indiana Fonseca Leiva


Mar 12, 2014The Economic Cost of Homophobia
Location: Preston Auditorium
Contact: Philip Robert Crehan


Apr 04, 2013London - President Jim Yong Kim talks about his vision for the World Bank Group
Location: London, United Kingdom

Mar 13, 2013PSIA Learning Event: Institutions for Equity and Inclusion
Date: Mar 13 - Mar 14

Feb 13, 2013George Borjas: The Implications of Economics for Immigration Policy

Jan 10, 2013Francis Fukuyama: The Origins of Political Order

Nov 14, 2012Nancy Folbre: Greed, Lust and Gender -- An Introduction to Feminist Economics

Oct 23, 2012Mohamed El-Erian: Enabling and Empowering in Today's Fluid Global Economy

Jun 27, 20122012 World Bank Conference on Equity
Date: Jun 27 - Jun 28

Jun 14, 2012Measuring Poverty Over Time

Apr 23, 2012Pakistan: The Untold Story

Apr 19, 2012Breaking Down Barriers: A New Dawn in Trade and Regional Cooperation in South Asia
Inequality: A Threat to Economic and Social Development?
Location: Washington, DC

Apr 18, 2012Building Better Policies: Performance and Measuring Results

Mar 12, 2012Book Launch: Ascent after Decline
Contact: Alejandra Viveros


Dec 06, 2011Consultative Group Meeting for Viet Nam 2011

Oct 31, 2011PSIA Knowledge Sharing Platform
Date: Oct 31 - Nov 01

Oct 26, 2011Economic Recovery and Growth in Romania
Date: Oct 26 - Oct 27
Location: National Institute of Statistics, 16, Libertatii Blvd., Amfiteatru Hall
Contact: Daniel Mihai Kozak


Oct 04, 2011The Third Palestinian NGO Project: Making a difference in the lives of the people in Gaza

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