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Apr 22, 2012Transcript: Development Committee Press Conference
Apr 19, 2012Transcript of Opening Press Conference with World Bank Group President Robert Zoellick
Apr 21, 2006Press Briefing: Education For All Fast Track Initiative
Nov 09, 2005Hong Kong WTO Ministerial Meeting: What's at Stake for Developing Countries?
Apr 17, 2005Development Committee Press Briefing
Sep 28, 2004World Development Report 2005 Press Briefing
Apr 25, 20042004 Spring Meetings - Development Committee Press Briefing
Apr 23, 2004World Development Indicators 2004 Press Briefing
Apr 22, 20042004 Spring Meetings -- Global Monitoring Report Press Briefing
Jan 29, 2004World Bank Authorizes Trust Fund, Endorses Interim Strategy For Iraq Press Conference
Sep 21, 2003World Development Report 2004 "Making "Services Work For Poor People"
Sep 28, 2002Development Committee Press Conference
Apr 21, 2002Development Committee Press Conference
Apr 20, 2002World Development Indicators 2002
Apr 10, 2002African Development Indicators 2002: Making Monterrey Work for Africa
Jan 17, 2002Townhall Meeting on Poverty Reduction Strategies
Dec 05, 2001Globalization, Growth, and Poverty: Building An Inclusive World Economy
Apr 30, 2001Development Committee Press Conference
Apr 29, 20012001 World Development Indicators
Apr 29, 2001Press Conference by the International Monetary and Financial Committee of the IMF and the Development Committee of the World Bank
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