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Measuring Empowerment: Lessons from Bangladesh

Measuring Empowerment: Lessons from Bangladesh

Date: October 23, 2008


Nora Dudwick is a Senior Social Scientist in the Poverty Reduction Group within the PREM Anchor at the World Bank where she has worked on issues of mobility and empowerment in Africa, South Asia, and LAC. Before moving to PRMPR, she worked in the ECA region, where she carried out qualitative research studies of transition and poverty in many countries of the former Soviet Union and in East Europe, along with work on rural life, education, gender, conflict, and social capital. Major publications include the co-edited volumes, When Things Fall Apart: Qualitative Studies of Poverty in the Former Soviet Union. (2003) and Fieldwork Dilemmas: Anthropologists in Postsocialist States (2000). She received her doctorate in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Gil Yaron founded GYA ( after working in economic consultancy (for NERA and London Economics) and in research (for Oxford University). His academic background is in economics and applied econometrics with a doctorate from Oxford University.   Over the past 20 years he has worked on sustainable development issues and has a particular interest in combining qualitative and quantitative methods for program and policy monitoring.  Gil’s work experience includes designing and implementing household surveys and qualitative case studies to advise on social protection in the water, energy, mining and forestry sectors in a number of Asian and African countries through to a three-year project to establish a participatory monitoring and evaluation system for many rural communities in Mexico.

Discussant: Hassan Zaman, a Bangladeshi national, is a Lead Economist in the Poverty Group of the PREM anchor. In his ten years at the Bank, Hassan has worked in the South Asia and Africa regions as a country economist and has carried out analytical work on food prices, public expenditures, poverty, micro-finance and NGOs. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Sussex.

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