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Training Events & Materials

PovertyNet: Training

The Empowerment Thematic Group periodically organizes seminars, workshops, brown-bag lunches (BBLs), and training events. The announcements, presentations and papers presented at the events are archived here. Please click on the name of the event to access these materials (Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them).

Please note that the presentations are usually designed not to stand alone, but to be accompanied by the speaker's lecture. In addition, many presentations are made on work that is still being revised and the versions of the papers shown may not be finalized.

October 23Measuring Empowerment: Lessons from Bangladesh Nora Dudwick (World Bank) and Gil Yaron (GYA)
June 23Using Mixed Methods to Measure and Monitor Empowerment in Projects and Programs: Examples from Bangladesh, Ghana and JamaicaNora Dudwick (World Bank), Jeremy Holland (OPM), and Gil Yaron (GYA)
July 20, 2005Youth, Inclusion, and Empowerment through Broadcast Television: Kabataan News NetworkDale Rutstein (UNICEF Philippines) and
Mojgan Sami (World Bank)
April 27, 2005Making Development Happen: Growth and Empowerment Nicholas Stern
June 2, 2004Offshore Outsourcing of Information Processing Work and Economic Empowerment of Women Swasti Mitter
October 21, 2003Social Capital, Empowerment, and Community Driven Development Ruth Alsop, Rob Chase, and Dan Owen
May 20, 2003Measuring Empowerment: Measuring Subjective Well-Being and Power Steven Brown, Ed Diener, Carol Graham, Martin Ravallion, Norman Uphoff
April 30, 2003Community Radio, Voice and Empowerment Steve Buckley, Alfonso Gumucio, Soule Issiaka, William Reuben, Loty Salazar
February 4, 2003Measuring Empowerment: Concluding Remarks Anis Dani, John Page, Lant Pritchett, Catalina Smulovitz, Michael Woolcock
February 4, 2003Measuring Empowerment: the National Level Christiaan Grootaert, Phillip Keefer, Stephen Knack, Brian Levy, Carmen Malena
February 3, 2003Measuring Empowerment: Community and Local Governance Levels — Part 2 Kaushik Basu, Hans Binswanger, Peter Gubbels, Asim Khwaja, Caroline Moser
February 3, 2003Measuring Empowerment: Community and Local Governance Levels — Part 1Shubham Chaudhuri, Kevin Cleaver, Cyprian Fisiy, Vijayendra Rao, Norbert Shady, Norman Uphoff
February 3, 2003Measuring Empowerment: Keynote Lunch Nicholas Stern
February 3, 2003Measuring Empowerment: Gender and Household Dimensions Tamar Manuelyan Atinc. Lynn Bennett, Anju Malhotra, Karen Mason, Pierella Paci, Robert Pollak
February 3, 2003Measuring Empowerment: Frameworks and ConceptsEd Diener, Gobind Nankani, Deepa Narayan, Michael Walton
July 2, 2002Poverty Reduction Strategies in Africa: Including the Economic Empowerment of Women with Disabilities Bob Ransom (International Labour Offfice, Ethiopia)
June 20, 2002PREM Learning Week 2002: Local Governance and Empowerment: Building State-Society Relations Jean-Paul Faguet, Deepa Narayan, Samuel Paul, Elena Petkanovska, Sanjay Pradhan
Victor Vergara
June 19, 2002PREM Learning Week 2002: Empowerment and National Governance: Participation, Accountability, and the Use of Public Money Matthew Andrews
Turkewitz Joel
Deepa Narayan
Frederick Stapenhurst
June 18, 2002PREM Learning Week 2002: Trade, Poverty, and Empowerment Celine Charveriat, David Evans, Ian Goldin, Reema Nanavaty, Deepa Narayan
June 17, 2002PREM Learning Week 2002: Empowerment: A Framework for Policy and Practice Nisha Agrawal, Gobind Nankani, Deepa Narayan, Samuel Paul
May 18, 2001Community Empowerment and Consensus Building: Part 4 Xavier de Souza Briggs
May 18, 2001Community Empowerment and Consensus Building: Part 3 Xavier de Souza Briggs
May 17, 2001Community Empowerment and Consensus Building: Part 2 Xavier de Souza Briggs
May 17, 2001Community Empowerment and Consensus Building: Part 1 Xavier de Souza Briggs

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