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Thematic Workshops

Oct 13, 2005Approaches to Improve the Composition of Public Expenditures (Technical Round Table)
May 5-6, 2005Practitioners' Forum on Budget Support
Oct 13, 2004PRSP and Budget Links (B-SPAN video)
Oct 31, 2002Improving Prospects for PRSP Implementation: The Role of Parliament, Experience from two Sub-Saharan African Countries
Sep 25, 2002Democratizing Development: Deepening Social Accountability through PRSPs
Jun 17, 2002Regional Workshop on Water Supply and Sanitation in Poverty Reduction Strategies, Nairobi, Kenya
Jan 22, 2002Poverty Monitoring Overview Course
Feb 27, 2001Quantitative Poverty Diagnostic Tools for Poverty Reduction Strategies
Nov 09, 2000Environmental Management and Poverty Reduction
Oct 16, 2000Health, Nutrition, and Population (HNP) Issues in the HIPC and PRSP Process
Sep 20, 2000Performance Indicators: Implications for PRSPs


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