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Data and Tools

This section provides information on recent trends in poverty indicators and links to sources of data on poverty. The following pages are common to the Poverty Analysis, Poverty Monitoring, and Impact Evaluation sites:

Impact Evaluation

  • Types of Data: This section briefly describes various types of data and surveys that can be used for an impact evaluation.

  • Using Data: This section addresses options and issues relating to the selection and use of data.

  • Data Quality: An essential component of any reliable research study is credible data. An impact evaluation that attempts to attribute causality to a specific intervention using data that is poorly collected and managed is at great risk of producing incorrect results.

Poverty Monitoring and Analysis

  • Accessing Surveys: A guide to a number of data initiatives that have been launched in recent years to improve the availability and quality of household data collected for policy design and analysis, poverty monitoring, and program evaluation.

  • Tools: A collection of tools to estimate poverty and inequality measures, compare them over time, decompose them and their changes, and analyze the distributional patterns of growth. These include ADePT, PovcalNet, and PovSTAT.

  • Data on Poverty and Inequality: A guide to current poverty trends and key poverty indicators that monitor various dimensions of poverty, including consumption/income, health and education indicators.

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