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Training Events & Materials

Training Events & Materials

The Poverty Analysis, Monitoring, and Evaluation Thematic Group periodically organizes seminars, workshops, brown-bag lunches (BBLs), and training events. The announcements, presentations and papers presented at the events are archived here. Please click on the name of the event to access these materials (Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them).

Please note that the presentations are usually designed not to stand alone, but to be accompanied by the speaker's lecture. In addition, many presentations are made on work that is still being revised and the versions of the papers shown may not be finalized.

If you would like to be regularly kept informed about events relating to poverty analysis, poverty monitoring and impact evaluation, please contact us to be included on our distribution list.

December 4Beating the Odds: Sustaining Inclusion in a Growing Economy -- A Mozambique Poverty, Gender and Social Assessment Louise Fox and Malcolm Ehrenpreis
November 20Can Future Shared Growth Diagnostics Help Governments Avoid Repeating Past Mistakes? Reflections from Uganda CEM Dino Leonardo Merotto
November 6Does CDD Work? Emerging Evidence from the KALAHI-CIDSS Project in the Philippines Julien Labonne
November 5Estimating Utility-Consistent Poverty Lines with Applications to Egypt and MozambiqueChanning Arndt (Purdue University)
November 1Shared Growth in Ghana - Integrating Growth and Poverty Analysis in the Ghana CEM Zeljko Bogetic and Quentin Wodon
October 9New Directions in Catastrophe Risk Models Richard Murnane (Baseline Management Company, Inc., and Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences)
October 2Determinants of the Growth Semi-Elasticity of Poverty Reduction Stephan Klasen (University of Göttingen)
June 12Guidelines for Impact Evaluations in the Water and Sanitation Sector Christine Poulos and Subhrendu Pattanayak (RTI International)
May 31Does Employment Generation Matter for Poverty Reduction? Catalina Gutierrez and Pierella Paci
May 10Outside Funding and the Dynamics of Participation in Community Associations Michael Kremer
May 8Poverty Assessments in a Can Michael Lokshin
April 17-19The Ins and Outs of Impact Evaluation and PSIA  
April 16-17Evaluating the Poverty Impacts of Economy-Wide Policies (Module 7 of Poverty and Inequality Analysis Course) B. Essama-Nssah
April 3Social Safety Nets and Subsidy Reform in Egypt: Toward More Effective Policies John Blomquist
March 13The Urbanization of Global Poverty Martin Ravallion
February 21Impact Evaluation of Jamaica's Program of Advancement Through Health and Education Dan Levy and Jim Ohls (Mathematica Policy Research)
February 12Microfinance and Home Improvement: Using Retrospective Panel Data to Measure Program Effects on Discrete Events Bruce Wydick (University of San Francisco)
December 12Early Childhood Development: Promoting the Well Being of Children and Families Craig Ramey (Georgetown University)
October 24Assessing the Poverty Impact of Economic Growth: The Case of Indonesia B. Essama-Nssah
October 17The Unique Face of Poverty and Vulnerability in Zambia: Shocks, Deteriorating Economic Conditions, and HIV/AIDS Valerie Kozel
October 5Impact Evaluation for Rural Roads Dominique Van de Walle, John Hine, Celeste Tarricone and Anne Rothbaum
September 26Benefit Incidence and Targeting Performance: A New Framework with Application to Subsidies for Infrastructure and Human Development in Africa Diego Angel-Urdinola, Prospere Backiny-Yetna, and Quentin Wodon
May 15, 16, 18, 19Simulating the Poverty Impact of Macroeconomic Shocks and Policies within the PAMS Framework B. Essama-Nssah
May 11More than a Pretty Picture: Using Poverty Maps to Design Better Policies and Interventions  
April 27-28Measuring Service Delivery  
April 11Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Report on Growth, Poverty and Inequality Ruslan Yemtsov
March 29Approaches to Impact Evaluation in Microfinance Projects Ghazala Mansuri, Xavier Giné, Pedro Olinto, Emmanuel Skoufias
March 22-23Frontiers in Practice: Reducing Poverty through Better Diagnostics  
March 21Developing Poverty Maps to Improve Policies: The Experience of Ecuador Caridad Araujo
March 16Well-Being and Poverty in Ethiopia: The Role of Agriculture and Agency Luc Christiaensen
March 14Developing Poverty Maps to Improve Policies Jennie Litvack
February 26The Effect of Pre-Primary Education on Primary School Performance Paul Gertler
February 6Is Land Titling in Sub-Saharan Africa Cost-Effective? Evidence from Madagascar Hanan Jacoby
January 24Getting Girls into School: Evidence from a Scholarship Program in Cambodia Deon Filmer and Norbert Schady
December 13Reducing Schooling Inequality via CCT Programs: The Case of PRAF II in HondurasPedro Olinto
December 8Micro-Level Estimation of Child Malnutrition Indicators and its Application in Cambodia Tomoki Fujii (Singapore Management University)
December 6Investing Cash Transfers to Raise Long Term Living Standards Sebastian Martinez
November 29Impact Evaluation Using Secondary Data: Experiences from IEG's Evaluation of Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition in Bangladesh Howard White (Independent Evaluation Group)
November 22Conditional Cash Transfer Programs for Child Human Capital Development: Lessons Derived from Experience in Mexico and Brazil Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet
November 8Evaluating the Impact of Land Reform Interventions: A Discussion of MethodologyJonathan Conning and Partha Deb (Hunter University)
November 8Returns to Education in the Economic Transition: 1986-2002 Luca Flabbi, Stefano Paternostro, and Erwin Tiongson
October 11PSIA: Integrated Urban Upgrading in Poor Areas: The Experience of Ribeira Azul, Salvador, BrazilJudy Baker and Ivo Imparato
July 28Conducting quality impact evaluations under budget, time and data constraints Michael Bamberger
April 26Influential Evaluations Michael Bamberger
April 12Assessing Organizational Performance Marie-Helene Adrien (Universalia)
April 5Evaluating the Early Child Development (ECD) Program in the Philippines Jere Behrman, Sharon Ghuman, Socorro Gultiano, Elizabeth King
March 23Designing and Conducting Focus Groups in the Development Context (Beginner to Intermediate) Janet Mancini Billson (Group Dimensions Intenational)
March 22Poverty and Social Impact Analysis & Education Reforms Erwin H. R. Tiongson & Elena Bardasi
March 16-25Simulating the Poverty Impact of Macroeconomic Shocks and Policies within the PAMS Framework B. Essama-Nssah
March 15CDD Impact Evaluations: Practical Approaches to a Tough Analytic Problem Robert Chase
March 8Poverty and Social Impact Analysis & Trade Reforms Maurizio Bussolo
March 1Impact Evaluation of Basic Education in Ghana Howard Nial White
February 22Poverty and Social Impact Analysis & Agricultural Market Reforms Mattias Lundberg
February 17Measuring School Readiness: The Early Development Instrument Magadalena Janus
February 8PRSP Monitoring Systems: A Review of 5 Countries' Experience Solveig Buhl
February 7Impact Evaluation: Measuring Effectiveness Arianna Legovini
January 25Poverty and Social Impact Analysis & Land Reforms Klaus W. Deininger
January 18Designing an Evaluation to Evaluate the Impact of the Ethiopia's Women's Development Initiatives Project on Women's Empowerment Arianna Legovini
January 11Monitoring and Evaluation of Multi-Country HIV/AIDS Programs Joseph Valadez
December 21Evaluating Social Development Projects: Integrating the Art of Practice and the Science of Evaluation Michael Woolcock & Katherine Whiteside
December 14Improving Primary School Education in India: An Impact Assessment of DPEP-Phase I Elena Glinskaya & Jyotsna Jalan
December 7Poverty and Social Impact Analysis & Utility Reforms Vivien Foster
November 30Impact Evaluations: Early Childhood Development and Nutrition Program in Uganda Harold Alderman
November 11(A Proposal to Evaluate) the Impact of CrediAmigo and the Expansion of Access to Financial Services in Brazil Emmanuel Skoufias
October 20Medium and Long Run Effects of Nutrition and Child Care: Evaluation of a Community Nursery Program in Rural Colombia Orazio Attanasio
October 19Evaluating the Impact of HIV/AIDS Interventions: Challenges, Lessons and Findings David Wilson (Global HIV/AIDS Program, HDNGA)
September 21The Role of the Labor Market in MakingGrowth Pro-Poor John Nellis (Center for Global Development)
May 25Evaluating the Impact of Infrastructure Rehabilitation Interventions on Household Welfare in Georgia Michael M. Lokshin and Ruslan R. Yemtsov
May 17Who Cares about Corruption? Implications for the Design of Anticorruption Strategies Jamele Rigolini (New York University)
May 10-14Monitoring and Social Accountability for Roma Poverty Reduction Aline Coudouel
May 7Poverty Monitoring Systems in the Context of Poverty Reduction Strategies Francesca Bastagli, Aline Coudouel , Valerie Kozel, Keith Mackay and Kaspar Richter
May 6Poverty Assessment: Integrating Gender Analysis Pierella Paci, Florencia Casro-Leal and Malcolm Ehrenpreis
May 4Addressing Gender Issues in the PSIAs: Cases from Zambia, Chad and Guyana Steen Jorgensen, Kene Ezemenari, Nora Dudwick
April 30PRSPs, PRSCs, with a Focus on the Challenges of Monitoring Aline Coudouel, Norman Hicks, Stefan Koeberle
April 26Roads Out of Poverty: Assessing the Links Between Aid, Public Investment, Growth and Poverty Reduction Pierre-Richard Agénor (WBI and Yale University) and Karim El Aynaoui
April 22Public Sector Downsizing: Issues and Tools Martin Rama
April 13Social protection in a crisis: Argentina’s Jefes y Jefas- Emanuela Galasso
March 16Cost-Benefit Analysis as a Tool to Evaluate the Distributional Impacts of Water Sector Reform Caroline Van den Berg
March 3PSIA of Monetary and Exchange-Rate ReformPatrick Conway (University of North Carolina)
February 24Real and Distributive Effects of Petroleum Price Liberalization: The Case of Indonesia Benedict Clements (Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)
January 13A Suggested Framework with Application to VAT in Bangladesh Shahabuddin M. Hossain (African Department, IMF)
November 18Small Area Estimates of Welfare Impacts: The Case of Rice Price Changes in Madagascar Johan Mistiaen
October 14Subjective Welfare Analysis in a Poor Developing Country: Madagascar 2001 Nithin Umapathi
June 19Analysis of Institutional Barriers to Poverty Reduction – Poverty Analysis ClinicS. Shah, R. Nayar, T. Vishwanath, B. Bidani
June 12Introduction to the Comparative Development Performance (CDP) Approach Jim Cannon and Fulai Sheng (Conservation International)
June 4Fostering Country Ownership of Poverty Analysis: The January 2002 India Poverty Workshop – Poverty Analysis ClinicM. Ravallion, V. Kozel, A. Deaton
May 20Tracking the Poverty and Distributional Implications of Macroeconomic Performance with PAMS Boniface Essama Nssah and Issouf Samake
May 13A Programmatic Approach to Poverty Analysis: What Is It, and When Is It Appropriate? – Poverty Analysis ClinicR. Shaban and K. Richter
April 10Assessing Statistical Capacity & Improving Data Quality for Development Graham Eele & Neil Fantom, M. Belkindas, G.Delaine, L. Ojiambo
April 9Poverty Assessments: The Next Generation – Poverty Analysis ClinicG. Prennushi, T. Haque, K. Richter and Q. Wodon
March 25Outcomes of Power Sector Reform in ECA: The Case of Armenia Sudeshna Ghosh Banerjee
March 11Impact of Institutional and Trade Policy Reforms: Analysis of Mongolia’s Cashmere Sector Vera Songwe
March 5Evaluating the Poverty Impact of Projects: Tools for Practitioners (B-SPAN video)Judy Baker
January 31Sampling for Household and Enterprise Surveys Juan Munoz
January 27Poverty Monitoring in the Context of Poverty Reduction Strategies Aline Coudouel, Giovanna Prennushi, Keith Mackay
December 17The Social Capital Assessment Tool (SOCAT) and the Local Level Institutions and Social Capital Study in Bosnia and Herzegovina P. Poggi and C. Grootaert
June 19Poverty Monitoring A. Coudouel, K. Beegle, T. Marchant, B. Rao, K. Sirker, K. Ezemenari, V. Kozel
January 22Poverty Monitoring Overview Course G. Prennushi, T. Marchant, K. Scott, P. Petesch, M. Woolcock
September 20Performance Indicators: Implications for PRSPs G. Prennushi, R. Reinikka, A. Simonpietri, C. Humphreys, C. Monga, D. Morrow

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