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Addressing Gender Issues in the PSIAs: Cases from Zambia, Chad and Guyana


The Case of Chad Cotton Sector Reform (17Kb)
Understanding & Measuring Empowerment (97Kb)

Tuesday, May 4, 2004 -- PREM Learning Week 2004
12:30 - 2:00 PM
Presenters: Steen Jorgensen (SDV), Kene Ezemenari (AFTP3), and Nora Dudwick (ECSSD)

Moderator: Aline Coudouel (PRMPR)

PSIAs analyze the distributional impacts of policy reforms as a result of policy actions proposed or under implementation. Women and men consistently encounter differing constraints and opportunities the world over, and their needs and interests, as well as their access to resources, often diverge (particularly in poorer countries).

This informal Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) seminar presented the experience of three Bank PSIA teams that successfully addressed the differential impacts on men and women of policy reforms in three countries:

  • Zambia Land Reform, Fertilizer Subsidies’ Removal/Reduction, and Rural Infrastructure Delivery -- Steen Jorgensen
  • Chad Cotton Sector Reform – Kene Ezemenari
  • Guyana Bauxite Mining Privatization – Nora Dudwick

The discussion focused on how the gender dimension were addressed in the PSIAs and on the opportunities, constraints, and lessons learned for gender-sensitive poverty and social impact analysis. The seminar aimed to provide practical experience, guidance and resources for facilitating the integration of the gender dimension into the PSIAs.

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