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More than a Pretty Picture: Using Poverty Maps to Design Better Policies and Interventions

More than a Pretty Picture (Book cover)More than a Pretty Picture: Using Poverty Maps to Design Better Policies and Interventions
This volume aims to promote the effective use of Small Area Estimation poverty maps in policy making. It presents the range of policies and interventions which have been informed by poverty maps, focusing on the political economy of poverty maps and the key elements to their effective use by policy makers. The volume also looks at the future of poverty maps in terms of new techniques and new areas of application.
Aggregate, national level indicators often hide important differences between regions or areas (see map of poverty incidence in Madagascar). The analysis of poverty, its determinants and poverty-reducing interventions therefore requires a focus on poverty information that is further geographically disaggregated. In addition, poverty and inequality are multidimensional – consumption and income, education, health, opportunities, voice, etc. – and have multiple determinants – geographic and agro-climatic factors, services, infrastructure, etc. The plotting of such information on maps – poverty mapping – is useful to display information on the spatial distribution of welfare and its determinants. It is also useful to display simultaneously different dimensions of poverty and/or its determinants.There are many types of poverty maps, a variety of use for these maps, and different ways to create them. This site provides information on the use of poverty maps, and on their construction. It also refers you to country applications and technical information. In the left navigation menu, you will find information organized according to the following subtopics:

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