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Monitoring and Evaluation of Multi-Country HIV/AIDS Programs



Presentation:  Assessing Impact in HIV/AIDS Programs: A Prematurely Asked Question? (161kb PDF)
Paper:  Understanding the Relationship of Maternal Health Behavior Change and Intervention Strategies in a Nicaraguan NGO Network (491kb PDF)
Paper: Assessment of HIV/AIDS Related Knowledge, Practices and Coverage in 19 Districts of Uganda (4.5Mb PDF)
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
12.30 - 2.00 pm
Room MC9-W150

Presenter: Joseph Valadez

Among the challenges manager have to develop an effective HIV/AIDS program is learning what activities work and which do not. Answering this question is far more complex than obtaining a baseline indicator measures of a project area before work begins and comparing with another measure at a later time. While a monitoring and evaluation system will have this function, it should do far more. M&E should aid managers throughout the life of their project appraise whether interventions are implemented as planned and whether tactical changes are needed in order to improve their impacts.

Joseph Valadez will describe how some nations, such as Uganda, are implementing a recurrent M&E system for use by local and national managers of the HIV/AIDS program to make tactical changes to the HIV/AIDS program. He will show how such M&E systems while serving local managers make evidence based decisions, also can be used for impact evaluations that affect policy. He will tell us about lessons learned in Uganda and elsewhere.

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