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Poverty and Social Impact Analysis & Utility Reforms


Presentation: PSIA Guidance: Utilities Sector Reform (937kb PDF)
Paper: Poverty and Social Impact Analysis: Key Issues in Utility Reform (209kb PDF)
Tuesday, December 7, 2004
12.30 - 2.00 pm
Room MC5-W150

Presenter: Vivien Foster

The purpose of this seminar is to present and discuss the new Guidance Note on Poverty and Social Impact Analysis for the utilities sector, specifically water, electricity, gas and telecommunications. The presentation will characterize the different types of reforms undertaken in these sectors, and the different macro-economic and micro-economic motivations that lie behind them. An accounting framework will be developed for tracing the main impacts of reform (in terms of employment, prices, quality, access, fiscal flows, asset ownership and entry conditions) on the major stakeholder groups (namely workers, consumers, owners, competitors and the state). Potential measures for mitigating social impacts will be considered. Finally, the data needed to evaluate the social impact of utility reforms will be described, both in the context of rapid diagnostic methods and more sophisticated analytical techniques. A country case will be used to illustrate some of the major issues.

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