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Designing an Evaluation to Evaluate the Impact of the Ethiopia's Women's Development Initiatives Project on Women's Empowerment


Presentation: Designing an Impact Evaluation of the Ethiopia's Women's Development Initiatives Project on Women's Empowerment (322kb PDF)
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
12:30 - 2:00 pm
Room: MC9-W150

Presenter: Arianna Legovini

Ethiopian women have low levels of empowerment. Reforms of the macro-institutional framework have brought equality under the law but have not reached the institutions that most affect the daily lives of the majority of women.  Low levels of representation and their exclusion from economic activities perpetuates female dependency. 

The objective of projects such as the Women’s Development Initiatives is to help expand the set of opportunities open to women. It is critical to ascertain whether this type of project is able to deliver on its promises by developing a framework to measure the impact of the project on the set of developmental outcomes that constitute our idea of empowerment. A qualitative/quantitative approach is adopted to develop an empowerment framework and test the effectiveness of the project in affecting relevant outcomes. 

While preliminary results are only available from the qualitative side, Arianna will focus on methodological issues. The presentation will address the analytical framework, evaluation  design, as well as issues and difficulties faced by the project and suggested solutions.

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