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Poverty and Social Impact Analysis & Land Reforms


Presentation:  Land Policies and Land Reform in PSIAs (176kb PDF)

Paper: Land Policies and Land Reform (119kb PDF)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
12:30 - 2:00 pm
Room: MC9-W150

Presenter: Klaus W. Deininger

The purpose of this seminar is to present and discuss issues on PSIA and Land Reform. This presentation is meant to be a quick source on key land policy issues for practitioners and policymakers. The presentation wil focus on two key land policy interventions: (1) securing land tenure, highlighting ways to enhance tenure security and the impact of greater tenure security on investment, conflicts over land, and land market participation, and (2) improving access to land, covering the important principles and policies. The presentation will identify the requirements so that PSIAs can fit into an ongoing policy dialogue or, if there is no such dialogue, generate one on a topic of particular land policy relevance. Finally, the presentation will also consider practical questions about sampling and about questionnaire design so that household and community surveys can make a meaningful and quantifiable contribution to the land policy dialogue.

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