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Influential Evaluations

Sponsor: IEG Public Sector (IEGPS)


Presentation:  Influential Evaluations (59kb PDF)

Summary of case studies (49kb PDF)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
12:30 - 2:00 pm
Room: I-12-420

Presenter: Michael Bamberger (retired World Bank staffer)

This brown-bag will present case studies of evaluations conducted by different organizations that have had a significant impact on the performance of development projects and programs, and on policy formulation. It will discuss methodologies for assessing the impact and cost-effectiveness of an evaluation and for estimating the extent to which the observed program and policy changes can be attributed to the evaluation as distinct from the many other sources of information and influence to which decision-makers are exposed. A number of lessons learned will be highlighted — about the design of useful evaluation, and the factors which influence the likelihood that the results of an evaluation will be used.

The presenter will be Michael Bamberger, who since retiring from the Bank has been working with UNDP, DFID, USAID and the Japanese Government on program evaluation. Elizabeth King, Research Manager -designate, Public Services and Human Development, DEC will be the discussant. The BBL will be chaired by Keith Mackay (OEDKE).

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