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Frontiers in Practice: Reducing Poverty Through Better Diagnostics

Sponsor: Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network

Frontiers in Practice: Reducing Poverty Through Better Diagnostics

When: March 22-23, 2006
Where: Room JB1-080

Sponsor: Poverty Reduction Group (PRMPR)

Poverty diagnostics provide essential underpinnings for the Bank’s country assistance strategies and interventions as well as for our clients national development strategies. To be effective, our analytical work needs to use the best available data and techniques to understand poverty and its determinants, as well as the distributional impact of growth. It also needs to provide policy-relevant guidance on how to harness growth and design interventions for faster poverty reduction. This conference aims to improve the impact of the Bank's poverty analytics, by improving their quality and strengthening their linkages to growth strategies and public expenditures. Highlighting the fundamentals and exploring new frontiers in practice, the workshop is aimed at anyone who designs, undertakes and uses poverty diagnostics.



Omar Arias

Shubham Chaudhuri

Stefan Dercon

Shantayanan Devarajan

Francisco Ferreira

Louise Fox

Ann Harrison

Kai Kaiser

Mark Montgomery

Ambar Narayan

Martin Ravallion

Tony Venables


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