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Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Report on Growth, Poverty and Inequality



Presentation (721kb PPT)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
12:30 - 2:00pm
Room MC5-W150

Sponsor: Thematic Group on Poverty Impact Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation
Presenter: Ruslan Yemtsov, ECSPE

This seminar will focus on the ECA report on “Growth, Poverty and Inequality”. This report uses primary unit record data from recent household surveys to construct a comparable indicator of living standards across all countries in the Region. It is also basing its poverty measures on an absolute concept of poverty, seen as the inability to meet basic material needs (Ravallion 1994). Although the notion of basic needs differs across countries, it can be reasonably well defined as the current cost of the subsistence consumption basket. Such measures differ systematically across countries and from the normally applied "global" thresholds of 1 or 2 dollars a day in 1993 PPP. But even for these thresholds data based on direct survey estimates are different from the indicators computed based on published data or country-specific consumption aggregates reported in WBI. How can we define poverty in a comparable way?  Which is the preferred measure that we can recommend for comparing countries in the region to each other? This question has direct operational consequences in the new results-oriented Bank. We invite those interested to attend and participate in this seminar which is likely to shape our approaches to poverty monitoring in ECA.

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