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Assessing Programs and Policies Using Impact Evaluation and PSIA

Description: This course consists of six sessions:

  • Session 1 discusses M&E within the Bank, the motivations for doing an impact evaluation and the lessons to be drawn from it;
  • Session 2 provides a technical overview of some quantitative methods used in a rigorous impact evaluation;
  • Session 3 discusses the practicalities of doing an impact evaluation: what to do at different points in the project cycle, how to deal with data, budget and time constraints, and where to get support;
  • Session 4 tackles the political economy of getting a government to think about doing an impact evaluation, the politics in the evaluation process, and the use of results;
  • Session 5 provides an overview of the Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA) approach used to assess the impact of policy reforms and the various tools involved;
  • Session 6 discusses how this approach is applied by combining distributional and political economy analysis and using the example of petroleum pricing reform in a variety of countries.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the course, participants will be familiar with the methodological approaches of doing impact evaluation of investment projects and policy reforms, as well as with the practical constraints to be considered.


  • B. Essama-Nssah (Senior Economist, PRMPR)
  • Emmanuel Skoufias (Lead Economist, PRMPR)
  • Hassan Zaman (Lead Economist, PRMPR)
  • Markus Goldstein (Senior Economist, AFTPM)
  • Martin Ravallion (Director, DECRG)
  • Masami Kojima (Lead Energy Specialist , COCPO)

Target Audience: This course is geared towards task team leaders, economists and others interested in conducting and/or managing impact evaluations of investment projects and policy reforms.

Task Managers: Emmanuel Skoufias (Lead Economist, PRMPR) and Hassan Zaman (Lead Economist, PRMPR)


April 21

April 22

April 23

  • Introduction: PSIA: An Overview of Concepts, Operational Links, and Experiences
    Hassan Zaman, Lead Economist, PRMPR
  • Distributional Analysis of Rising Fuel Prices and Policy Options
    Masami Kojima, Lead Energy Specialist, COPCO
  • Assessing the Poverty Impact of Tax Reform
    B. Essama-Nssah, Senior Economist PRMPR
  • Social and Political Economy of Reform Aspects of PSIA
    Renate Kirsch, Senior Social Scientist, SDV, Sabine Beddies, Senior Social Scientist, SDV
  • Poverty Impact of Food Price Increases: Findings from Eight Countries
    Maros Ivanic, Consultant DECRG
  • Using PSIA for DPLs: Preliminary Findings from a Stocktaking Exercise
    Verena Fritz, Consultant, PRMPR

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