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Measuring Inequality of Opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Sponsor: Thematic Group on Poverty Impact Analysis,
 Monitoring and Evaluation
Presenter: Jaime Saavedra Chanduvi, Sector Manager (LCSPP)

Chair: Emmanuel Skoufias, Lead Economist (PRMPR)


  • Tara Vishwanath, Lead Economist (SASEP)
  • Markus Goldstein, Senior Economist (AFTPM)

The presenter will discuss The Human Opportunity Index, a systematic measure of the level of inequality of opportunity among children in Latin America. As long as children in a country do not have access to specific basic services that are critical for future advancement in life, such as primary education or running water, and as long as that access is influenced by circumstances, like gender or ethnicity, inequality of opportunity will prevail. The Human Opportunity Index can be used to track a country’s progress toward the goal of providing all children equal access to these basic services, simultaneously tracking both the overall coverage and the equity of their distribution. The Index can also serve as a tool to help guide public policies aimed at equalizing opportunities.


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