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Beyond the Numbers: Understanding the Institutions for Monitoring Poverty Reduction Strategies


Diagnostic Tool: The Institutional Dimension of PRS Monitoring Systems (96kb PDF)

Also available in French (99kb PDF) and Spanish (105kb PDF)

Good Practice: Beyond the Numbers: The Institutional Dimension of PRS Monitoring Systems(90kb PDF)

Also available in French (93kb PDF) and Spanish (155kb PDF)

Tara Bedi*, Aline Coudouel*, Marcus Cox, Markus Goldstein* and Nigel Thornton

One of the key components of a successful Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) is a system for monitoring the implementation of the strategy and tracking progress in poverty reduction. This volume provides lessons on the design and functioning of Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) monitoring systems, based on the experience of twelve PRS countries. The focus is on the institutional arrangements of PRS monitoring systems - the rules and processes which bring the various actors and monitoring activities together in a coherent framework.

This book provides practitioners with lessons and guidance, a diagnostic tool, and a summary of the situation in twelve PRS countries.

Full Text (1.62mb PDF)

Beyond the Numbers: Understanding the Institutions for Monitoring Poverty Reduction StrategiesExecutive Summary (65kb PDF)

Part One:  Lessons from the Experiences of 12 Countries (31kb PDF)

Part Two:  Diagnostic and Guidance Tools for the Practitioner (29kb PDF)

Note: Part 1 and the diagnostic tools from "Beyond the Numbers" are also available in  French and  Spanish.

Part Three:  Country Studies: Institutional Arrangements for PRS Monitoring Systems (35kb PDF)

  1. Albania (95kb PDF)
  2. Bolivia (85kb PDF)
  3. Guyana (75kb PDF)
  4. Honduras (83kb PDF)
  5. Malawi (71kb PDF)
  6. Mali (81kb PDF)
  7. Mauritania (78kb PDF)
  8. Nicaragua (75kb PDF)
  9. Niger (74kb PDF)
  10. Tanzania (79kb PDF)
  11. Uganda (82kb PDF)

Bibliography (65kb PDF)

Affiliation: * World Bank and Agulhas Applied Knowledge

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