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2002 IMF/World Bank PRSP Comprehensive Review

Main Findings

English (79kb pdf)

French (90kb pdf)

Russian (375kb pdf)

Spanish (89kb pdf)


Background Papers

Key questions for review of the PRSP approach

Review of the PRSP Experience: An Issues Paper for the January 2002 Conference


Selected External Reviews

Northern NGO
Research Institutes/ Academic/Journalist
Southern NGO

Other external reviews

On March 8, 2002 and on March 12 respectively, the Executive Boards of the IMF and World Bank discussed the PRSP review. The Review of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) Approach: Main Findings (79kb pdf) discusses various emerging good practices from early experiences of countries and development partners, and reviews priorities for knowledge and capacity building in low-income countries. The Main Findings are also available in French, Russian, and Spanish.

The Review of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) Approach: Early Experiences with Interim PRSPs and Full PRSPs (297kb pdf) provides good practices for countries and partners (including Bank and Fund), numerous country examples and greater coverage of sectoral issues.

A short summary paper setting out areas of good practice (22kb pdf) (without country examples) has been designed for wider dissemination for practitioners.

Overall, the following aspects raised the most interest and debate in the Board discussions:

The Boards' discussion largely endorsed the findings of the Review -- the need for realism of targets, choosing appropriate indicators and ensuring timely monitoring of progress, the importance of public expenditure management, need to focus on growth, sources of growth and role of the private sector, and so on -- and strongly commended countries, as well as staff, for their commitment and efforts to date. Read the Chairman (151kb pdf)

In carrying out the review, Bank and Fund staff drew on four main inputs:

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