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PSIA Case Studies


The large number of poverty, social, and distributional analysis of policies/programs done by the World Bank over the years is a potential storehouse of knowledge and experience for Bank staff as well as the broader development community engaged in such work. To enable better tracking and knowledge sharing, we have created a web-based searchable database of studies analyzing poverty, social, and distributional impacts of policies/programs. The database is also intended to provide further guidance material to PSIA practitioners outside of the Bank at the country level as well as among development partners. While we have made all attempts at comprehensiveness, this database does not reflect the entire universe of PSIA and PSIA-type work at the World Bank. As a work-in-progress, we will be updating the database periodically and continuing to add more case studies as they become available.

Searchable database of PSIA studies* (from 2001 onwards)

You may also browse examples of poverty, social, and distributional analysis by:

  • Themes (there is some overlap of countries among theme categories)
  • Regions

In addition, Aline Coudouel, Anis Dani and Stefano Paternostro produced a volume on Poverty and Social Impact Analysis of Reforms: Lessons and Examples of Implementation, a series of case studies to illustrate illustrate the spectrum of sectors and policy reforms that can be informed with PSIA, and the range of analytical tools and techniques that can be used for PSIA.

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