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Poverty and Social Analysis E-learning Course

This course provides fundamental PSIA training in three modules: first, it shows how and when is PSIA applied; second, it gives an overview of tools and methods; and third, it provides examples of PSIA Good Practice.

Module 1 provides detailed information on the PSIA framework, which is a 10 step conceptual approach that promotes the robust analysis of the impacts of policy reform. This module will help to identify, understand, and follow the 10 steps of the PSIA approach.

Module 2 explores the range of tools and methods that are available to thoroughly analyze the poverty and social impacts of a reform.

Module 3 focuses on carrying out PSIA in practice, examining how PSIA should be integrated into country work and what the good practices of PSIA are. Good PSIA should be country-specific and context-specific.

The course requires Adobe Flash Player.

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