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Administrative & Civil Service Reform


This website is supported by a unique collaboration between some of the leading organizations in civil service strategy and management. Current partners in managing this website include: CAPAM, International Institute of Administrative Sciences,OECD  Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development (GOV),  and SIGMA.

The website aims to balance cutting-edge thinking about reform with cautions about basic principles, and to substantiate claims with cross-national data whenever possible. The extensive literature and analyses of country experience selected here reflect best judgments about quality and relevance; but this site does not advocate particular administrative models or reform approaches. The aim is to expose the user to the main debates in the field and facilitate an informed evaluation of policy options.

Russian language versionof selected pages from this website is available. Similarly, the Administrative & Civil Service Reform Virtual Network (ACSR-VNet)seeks to improve the global debate on administrative and civil service reform by joining together a community of professional organizations active in this field.

Links to other websites on related topics are provided throughout this site. The CAPAM Practice Knowledge Centre ©has provided much of the practitioner literature referenced here. If you have data or know of additional websites or recommended readings that you consider should be added, please provide us with feedback.

Quality control for this site is the responsibility of the World Bank in collaboration with nominated staff from the partner agencies. In the event of any concerns or commendations concerning quality, please notify all the partner agencies by clicking here.


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DATA & DIAGNOSTICS - Cross-National Data on Government & Employment Wages | Rewards & Incentives | Public Officials Surveys | Pay & Employment Models 
ARCHITECTURE OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR - Civil Service Law & Employment Regimes | Machinery of Government | Center of Government | Subnational Government | Administrative Traditions | Rightsizing Public Adminsitrations 
PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT - Recruitment & Promotion | Career Paths & Training | Establishment Control & Pay Determination | Individual Performance Management | Enforcement & Disciplinary Issues | Pension Arrangements | Downsizing | Civil Service Census 
PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT - Accountability & Participation | Service Standards & Performance Measurement | Alternative Service Delivery Mechanisms | Functional Reviews & Reengineering | Health Sector Issues | Education Sector Issues
COMMON PROBLEMS - Aggregate Employment & Wage Bill Concerns | Ineffective Monetary Incentives | Salary Top-ups | Patronage | Reluctance to Release Information | Perceived Corruption & Low Public Respect | Poor Policy Management | Operational Inefficiency & Poor Service Delivery | Difficulties with Autonomous Agencies | Staffing in Countries with Limited Human Resources
ENGAGING SUPPORT FOR REFORM - Winners & Losers | Public Sector Unions 
COMMON PROBLEMS  - Strategies & Sequencing in Public Sector Reform | Monitoring Comprehensive Reform Programs | Bottom-up Approaches to Civil Service Reform | Evaluation of Donor-Supported Reform Projects | Designing World Bank Projects


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