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About Us

The Public Sector Governance Group brings together people working across the Bank on lending and non-lending activities relating to core public sector reform, including civil service reform, public expenditures, tax policy and administration, decentralization/intergovernmental fiscal relations, and generic issues in public service delivery.

About 200 professionals work on these topics in the various regional and anchor PREM units and in Development Research Group (DRG) and World Bank Institute (WBI), and their work is overseen by the Public Sector Board. Representing each of the six regions, WBI and DRG, and supported by a Public Sector anchor unit, the Public Sector Governance Board consists of the following members:

Regional Representatives

AFRAnand Rajaram (SM)*
TBA (Alternate)
EAPRobert Taliercio (Board Rep.)*
ECAWilliam Dorotinsky (SM)*
Amit Mukherjee (Alternate)

Arturo Herrera (SM)*
Roland Clarke (Alternate)

MNAGuenter Heidenhoff (SM)*
Catherine Laurent (Alternate)
SARTony Verheijen (SM, in region)*
Yongmei Zhou (Alternate)

Networks & Others

DECAdam Wagstaff (SM)*
Steve Knack (Alternate)
Phil Keefer (Alternate)
HRGeremie Sawadogo*
IEGNavin Girishankar
Claude Leroy (Alternate)
LEGChristina Biebesheimer (SM)*
Heike Gramckow (Alternate)
OPCTony Hegarty (Director, OPCFM)
Paul Bermingham (Director, OPCOS)
SDNCyprian Fisiy (Director, SDV)
Elisabeth Huybens (SM)
WBIJose Edgardo Campos*
Cecilia Verzosa (Alternate)

Nick Manning (Acting Director)*
Adrian Fozzard (Cluster Leader, Public Finance Management)
Robert Beschel (Cluster Leader, Governance & Public Accountability
Vivek Srivastava (Cluster Leader, Public Management & Employment)
Marie Charity Quiroz (Secretariat)

*PSG Principals

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