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Governance & Public Sector Management

Public Sector & Governance

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How is the Bank supporting countries in achieving results?

The data show current results supported by on-going operations in countries. Results pertaining to human development, infrastructure, and access to services for the poor and the vulnerable, as well as for creating opportunities for growth are included. Results from completed operations are also captured. | Read more >>

Indicators of Strength of Public Management Systems (ISPMS) measures the changes in the performance of the system or in the behavior of the public agents working within it. It can be used to:
  • Strengthen government ownership: governments can monitor and take charge of their reform programs
  • Improve project effectiveness: projects use the country's public management systems and feasible time-bound targets to measure progress, which are particularly important for results based lending
  • Improve reform targets: ISPMS can help identify which PSM institutions matter for development effectiveness and in which contexts they are feasible
  • Track regional differences over time: key indicators show differences between otherwise similar countries and over time
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    The Actionable Governance Indicators (AGI) Data Portal provides a one-stop-shop navigation platform and tools for data management, analysis and display.

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    The World Bank Approach to Public Sector Management (2011-2020) has been agreed by the Public Sector & Governance Board (the internal body that maintains professional standards on public sector management and governance work within the Bank).
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    The Actionable Governance Indicators (AGI) Data Portal consolidates information on actionable governance indicators, provides a one-stop-shop platform to navigate these indicators and their documents and offers customized tools for data management, analysis and display. .

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