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Governance Surveys Database

An initiative conceptualized by the PREM Poverty Group and implemented jointly with
the Public Sector Governance Group.


Designing a  household survey and interested in governance,
corruption, or the quality of service delivery?

Curious about questions in household surveys related
to issues of governance and decentralization?

How can I ask about the rule of law in a country?

How have others dealt with questions about voice and
accountability when designing a survey?

What creative ways have been used to deal with
sensitive issues such as corruption?

This Governance Surveys Database aims to support survey designers and those interested in governance, and in particular, the measurement of governance. Given the burgeoning field of governance in the development community it has become important to both understand how governance is understood and measured and also to work collaboratively to build on the good work that has already occurred in measuring issues such as corruption, responsiveness and transparency in the public sector. 

Sample Survey Questions

Sample Survey Questions

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Over four thousand questions from over 25 surveys around the world can be found in this database. Click here for a complete list and full text of surveys included.

Every question has been categorized by Sector (e.g. education/utilities/local government), by Governance/Decentralization (e.g. effectiveness/regulatory framework) and also by Type of question (e.g. perception/participation/objective quality). Questions can then be found that fit a variety of categorizations, depending on the interest of the database user.

Click here to go to the categories used and their definitions. We are cognizant that definitions and categorizations of several governance terms are subject to debate. While definitions are provided and consistently used in categorizing survey questions, it is recognized that competing explanations exist. Definitions are intended to explain how these questions were consistently categorized throughout the surveys and do not purport to be authoritative and exclusive.

Thank you to the survey designers for their willingness to make to these surveys and questions publicly available. Their willingness to share their work is greatly appreciated.


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