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Transparency International

EU's Role in Facilitating Global Corruption

In the 20th edition of the Corruption Perceptions Index, four out of the top five performing countries are European (Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway). However Europe cannot be complacent about the role it plays in facilitating corruption elsewhere. Read more >>

A platform for various ACAs to share ideas and experiences, collaborate with other practitioners, and collectively address common challenges
Tools and datasets that can help practitioners and policy makers to assess the extent and costs of corruption
A comprehensive list of journal articles, books, and other material on corruption and how to combat
Useful and easily accessible source to look for case studies and analyses of corruption issues and anti-corruption initiatives in individual countries
Anti-corruption in Sectors
Publications and Resources
Blog Posts
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Anti-corruption at the World Bank
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Our Anti-corruption experts include: Robert P. Beschel, Francesca Recanatini.

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Uganda Data Tracking Mechanism
A corruption monitoring tool developed to track corruption in Uganda on an annual basis.
Country Diagnostic Surveys
Maps and measures critical public sector governance issues that feed into participatory and targeted reform planning.
Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative
Launched by the World Bank Group and the UNODC, it is the first systematic compilation of past and current recovery cases involving corruption.
Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative
This 2012 article summarizes and synthesizes learning about the level, determinants, and effects of corruption in developing nations.

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