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Public Financial Management

Public Financial Management
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Boosting Budget Transparency in Moldova

Budget Stories is an Open Data initiative which originated as a grassroots idea among the "think-tank" community in Moldova and has quickly developed into a popular and useful online tool for citizens, primarily by digesting raw budget execution numbers and presenting them as visually-engaging infographics. Read more >>

The World Bank-IMF Budget Laws Database contains a collection of budget framework legislations.

The Budget Practices & Procedures Database contains the results of 2007 OECD survey of budget practices and procedures in OECD countries, 2008 World Bank/OECD survey of budget practices and procedures in Asia and other regions, and 2008 CABRI/OECD survey of budget practices and procedures in Africa.

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The Public Expenditure & Financial Accountability (PEFA) is a multi-donor partnership to strengthen abilities to assess the condition of public expenditure, procurement and financial accountability systems in countries. It also aims to develop a practical sequence of reform and capacity building actions. The PEFA secretariat is located in the World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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World Bank developed BOOST as a tool to analyze public expenditures of governments and their linkages to outcomes. BOOST makes expenditure data publicly available in a user-friendly way.

As World Bank intensifies its assistance to fragile and post-conflict countries, it is important to invest in learning what works, why and with what impacts in these environments with regards to public financial management reforms. Read more >>

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performance budgeting

Performance budgeting seeks to strengthen the link resources to the outputs and outcomes financed with public spending. Read more >>

Public Investment Management

Public Investment Management systems support planning, selection, execution and operation of public investment for economic growth and poverty alleviation. Read more >>

Political Economy of Public Financial Management Reforms

An assessment of the political economy context of institutional incentives, actors and structural constraints will help the implementation and sustainability of public financial management reforms.

Public Financial Management in Fragile & Conflict Affected States

Even in challenging post-conflict environments with initially very low skills and even where insecurity continues, public financial management reforms are feasible. World Bank is using its experience to draw lessons to support countries in their reform efforts.

transparency in public finance

We aim to achieve improvements in accountability and government performance by combining transparency with participation, so that stakeholders can contribute ideas and information to the public sector, and collaboration, through partnerships between the public sector and stakeholders in decision-making and implementing public policy. Read more >>

Medium Term Expenditure Framework

Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks can help countries improve budget practices and outcomes. Read more >>

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Public financial management reforms in post-conflict countries: Synthesis report

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Our Public Financial Management experts include: Adrian Fozzard.

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