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Decentralization and Subnational Finance

Decentralization & Subnational Finance
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Working Paper

Decentralization and Infrastructure

This paper introduces the fundamental questions surrounding the provision of infrastructure in decentralized settings. It also summarizes the findings from a collection of original essays with the objective of advancing our understanding of the interplay between decentralization and infrastructure. Read more >>

Decentralization Indicators

World Bank's decentralization indicators aim to provide a comparative overview of the political, fiscal, and administrative arrangements of countries.

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Fiscal Decentralization

Fiscal Decentralization

Fiscal decentralization deals with the resourcing of subnational governments and their autonomy to make spending decisions. This involves the mobilization of local own revenue, intergovernmental transfers and debt management, as well as overall fiscal rules.

Administrative decentralization & service delivery

Administrative Decentralization & Service Delivery

Administrative decentralization seeks to assign responsibilities for public services among different levels of government.

Political decentralization & governance

Political Decentralization & Governance

Political decentralization aims to give citizens or their elected representatives more power in public decision-making. The World Bank supports countries in making legal statutory reforms, strengthening of legislatures, and the encouragement of effective public interest groups.

subnational finance

Subnational finance and debt management are vital aspects of fiscal decentralization. They include the areas of subnational fiscal sustainability framework, ex-ante legislative frameworks, and insolvency mechanisms for debt restructuring.

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The Decentralization & Subnational Finance thematic group brings together practitioners for a informed, consistent and comprehensive approach to decentralization and the role of subnational governments in our country programs.

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